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Meanwhile here is a hint about our future Umrah groups :

All our Umrah packages are fully ATOL protected with additional 100% financial protection through the Travel Trust Association (TTA):


December 19 Umrah group: 19/29 Dec 19 including:

  • Return flights from Manchester.
  • 6 nights with breakfast in Makkah Hilton Convention 5* in front of Haram.
  • 3 nights with breakfast in Madinah Aleiman Taibah 4* (150m from Masjid Nabawi)
  • All return transfers + Umrah Visa.
  • ATOL protection.

Cost per person from only £1190 in a quad room. Selling out fast – BOOK NOW.

February 2020 Umrah group :16/25 Feb 2020 including:

  • Direct flights from Manchester on Saudi Airlines.
  • 6 nights with breakfast in Makkah Hilton Convention 5*.
  • 3 nights with breakfast in Madinah Fronel Alharithia 5* (2min walk to Masjid Nabawi)
  • All return transfers + Ziarat + Umrah Visa.
  • Group leader.
  • ATOL protection.

Alhamdulillah Feb 2020 is SOLD OUT.

April 2020 Umrah group: 07/17 April 2020 including:

  • Return flights from Manchester.
  • 4 nights with breakfast in Madinah Dar Aleiman Royal 5* or similar (150m from Masjid Nabawy)
  • 5 nights with breakfast in Makkah Hilton Convention 5*
  • All return transfers + Ziarat +Umrah Visa.
  • Group leader.
  • ATOL protection.
  • Alternative dates 10/21 April are also available.

Cost per person from only £1040 in a quad room. BOOK by 30 Sep 19 to guarantee rates.

Above rates are subject to availability and can change at any time.

For our latest tailor-made Hajj & Umrah packages, Please call us on 0161 973 88 55- 074377 26426.



                                April 19 Umrah Group : 10 April 19 – 22 April 19 

6 nights at Hilton Convention Makkah with breakfast.

5 Nights at Elaf Taiba Madinah with breakfast. Madinah Hotel was upgraded to Elaf Almajeedi hotel with extra cost to customers.

Zyarat in Makkah and Madinah.

Private transfers + VISA + return flights from Manchester all this was only for £975 per person !!

10 April 19: We all met at Manchester airport to get our flight to Jeddah. Arranged special assistance for three of our guests who need wheelchair assistance at the airports.

11 April 19: Upon arrival we took our private bus to Makkah hotel. A very nice surprise was waiting for us where the Hilton hotel decided to UPGRADE our stay to the famous Makkah CONRAD hotel even closer to the Haram for our 6 nights in Makkah !!!

          Massive room for only 2 adults !!!

11 April 19: 22:00pm after a bit of rest at our luxury rooms, we met at the Haram to perform our Umrah


12 April 19: We enjoyed Friday Khutba and prayer at the Haram.

    (Perfect spot for Asar/Maghreb prayers)

13 April 19: Performing the 5 prayers at the Haram. Some performed a second Umrah masha ALLAH.


14 April 19 : Time for our Makkah Ziyarat. We started early to be able to see as many sites as we can AND return before Dhohr time. We managed to see Jabal Althawr, Jabal Al Nour and of course Mena and Arafat area.


15  April 19

Fajr prayer at Haram

We wanted to go to Ghar Hiraa / Jabal AL Nour so went straight after Fajr prayer. Our Taxi dropped us after a very high hill(car was really struggling to move forward as in picture) and then we started to climb the uneven steps…It took about an hour to climb Jabal Al Nour and after Fajr is the right time to do it.. On the way up we had some unexpected guests but all went OK Thank God !!


   (could not have done it without these guys, have to say..)

Lovely experience to be honest….and really some pause for thoughts on how our belevoed Prophet “PBUH” have suffered climbing such a mountain to warship in Ghar Hira…

After such a hard exercise we went to our hotel for a well deserved breakfast and had some rest before Dhohr time.

16 April 19: We decided to do another Umrah as it is our last day in Makkah :((

17 April 19: Time for our journey to our Beloved Prophet’s Moqsue. We left Makkah around 13:30 just after Dhoh prayer, Prayed Asar on the way and reached Madinah in time for Maghreb prayer…

18 April 19: Our Hotel in Madinah “Elaf Taiba” which we have used several times before with no issues whatsoever, turned to be a bit of disappointment when it came to housekeeping, facilities and food. There was a huge gap between our hotel in Makkah and the Elaf Taibah in Madinah so I have decided to swich the hotel to the near by Elaf AL Mageedi. A huge thank you to their Sales team who were very helpful working till very late to make sure we check in the next morning without any delay.

As always, we all rushed to enjoy the five prayers in Masjid Nabawi, visiting the Rawdah Alsharifah and of course saying Salam to our beloved Prophet “PBUH”


19 April 19: Had a lovely breakfast at the hotel and we all got ready for the Friday prayer at Masjid Mabawi..

After Ishaa prayer  we have decided to go to one of of the malls to have a group dinner, I really enjoyed My Hanith meal !!!


20 April 19: Morning time was for our Madinah ziyarat. Our bus had a sligh accident from the back and had to wait for Police to document it so we hardly managed to visit Uhud mountain and then rushed to visit Qebaa mosque to perform 2 Rakkahs (to gain the reward of an Umrah in shaa ALLAH).

Evening time was for some shopping; we all enjoyed visiting “The Dates Market” and practiced our bargaining skills !.

21 April 19: Final day in Madinah so we all grabed every second


Afternoon time we had a farwell tea party..


 where I received a very precious gift from the group, Thank you all, really appreciated.

Evening time, sadly we had to leave the hotel for Madinah airport for our departure. Arrived ion good time to collect our Zamzam water and checked in for our flight back to Manchester.

We had a long stopover in Muscat so we have offered a half day tour to see the highlights of Muscat. Honestly we were all very impressed and enjoyed evey minute.


 We met as strangers but returned as one big family Alhamdulillah…

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Elmakay Hajj picture 1

Elmakay Hajj picture 3

Elmakay Hajj picture 2

Last 10 nights of Ramadan Umrah 04/06/2018 – 19/06/2018 (10nights in Makkah & 5 nights in Madinah)

Blog by Amr ELkatouri

04/06/2018 : We met at Heathrow airport and we all checked in for our flight to Jeddah. We did Ihram in Cairo airport while waiting for our flight to Jeddah. Good facilities and enough room for a large number of people.

IMG_1950    (first time using my selfie stick !)

05/06/2018: Arrived at our hotel in Makkah around noon and went for some rest. We met after Taraweeh at around 23:00 for our Umrah with our guide Hajj Ahmed. He was brilliant and well experienced knowing what to do and when. It was so busy and crowded but we enjoyed every second Ahamdulliah. footage while doing Sa’i between Safa and Marwa:

06/06/2018 – 15/06/2018

Leisure time to perform prayers at Haram and enjoying Iftar at Haram, Taraweeh & Tahajod.


Excellent spot meters away from Kaaba !

Today I decided I will go to Haram early morning to make sure I reserve a good spot. Around 11:00am I miraculously, found a gap just in front of Kaaba, I was so happy;

PHOTO-2018-08-17-15-07-34  Stayed here for Dhur & Aser prayers and we even had a special visitor:


Moments before Maghreb Athan:


11/06/2018 : Waiting for Iftar time on the top floor !


And sharing food with everyone !

IMG_2118  IMG_2043

With our experienced guide Hajj Ahmed between Maghreb & Ishaa on the third floor:


Reception at Infinity hotel Makkah with Mr Harb & his family performing Umrah with us. When he returned to Manchester he gave us 5* rating on Google, Thank you Mr Harb !. Click here to see all our Google reviews.


12/06/2018: Had some appointments with sales managers of different hotels at the Clock tower complex. DID you know that there are 22 different hotels around the Clock tower with more than 30 lifts to these hotels?. Here is my hero Hussain, who saved me from getting lost !

15/06/2018: We prayed Eid & Friday prayer at Haram. Around 14:00 we started our Journey to Madinah, took us 5 hours with one stop for a quick snack/drink. Checked in at our hotel Majlis Grand Mercure 5* around 7pm and I went straight to Masjid Nabawi (less than 2 min walk !)

IMG_2169  IMG_2172 IMG_2176

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                                                                          HAJJ 2018 blog

08/07/2018: We had our Manchester Hajj seminar with Mr Ez and one of our Guides, Hajj Hamdei. We explained how we will check in at the airport and how we will manage the luggage at airports and at the hotels. We also answered loads of questions about the 5 days of Hajj and gave out Elmakay special bags for everyone. We also created a whatsapp group to make it easier to communicate and let everyone know each others.

05/08/2018: We had our London and main Hajj seminar with more than 130 customers at the AL Manaar Mosque – The Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre at Acklam rd-London. All our guides were there; Hajj Hamdei- Hajj Mughees – Hajj Ahmed and of course Mr Ez.  We gave out the Hajj visas and passports to all customers and also answered loads of questions about the whole process.

12/08/2018: Our Manchester group left at 06:30am to be at Heathrow airport in time for our flight. Thank God all other customers coming from London and Birmingham came to the airport in time and checked in smoothly. Mr Ez, our guides and Our Imam Mr Ashraf, were at the airport to meet our customers at the departure gate. Stop over at Cairo airport was a good chance for all men to put on Ihram clothes using the Ihram facilities there.

13/08/2018: Our group arrived at Jeddah airport around 5am and we were outside the airport around 10am “alhamdulilah” to start the journey to Makkah. Checked in at our hotel in Makkah around 12:00 – Rooms were allocated quickly and customers went to sleep straight away. Agreed to do Umrah after dinner.

At 22:00 all customers met at hotel reception for our Umrah. Customers who performed Umrah previously were OK to go on their own. We divided the group into 3 small groups and they all did the Umrah safely and returned around 3am for a well deserved good night sleep after getting out of state of Ihram.

14/08/2018 : Free time to do Prayers at the Haram. PM after Ishaa we had our daily meeting with our Imam Mr Ashraf to discuss and answer any questions.

15/08/2018 : Another free day to enjoy  prayers at the Haram OR to do another Umrah- PM meeting with our Imam Mr Ashraf. Guides explained how we will move from Makkah to Mena and that sisters will go first to their allocated tent and then brothers will follow.

16/08/2018: One of our customers lost his Hajj ID during Umrah so Hajj Hamdei our guide went to our Saudi agent to replace his Hajj ID before we move from Makkah to Mena on Sunday the 19th of Aug.

17/08/2018: Mr Ezz & Hajj Hamdei went to check our camp in Mena area and make sure VIP services are provided.


18/08/2018 : Had our usual meeting with our Imam and discussed arrangements for moving from Makkah to Mena.

19/08/2018 : Bus came after Fajr prayer and women were transferred first to our Camp in Mena with Hajj Hamdei and Hajj Ahmed. Men followed in two transfers afterwards.

PM all settled in our tents in Mena getting ready for the Great day of Arafat. Our tents in Mena have the VIP services; sofa bed, cover and pillow for every Hajj and on full board basis.

20/08/2018: Today our group arrived in Arafat early at 08:30am Ma shaa Allah and all were safe and busy doing their duaas/prayers. After Maghreb our Hajj’s started their journey to Muzdalefa by coach. Our group arrived to Muzdalifa after midnight and unfortunately other Hajjs helped themselves and stayed in  of our area which was not planned at all. After praying in small groups, Most of our Hajj’s wanted to return Mena camp and Mr Ezz went with them. Rest of the group spent some more time in Muzdalifa and then walked back to Mena with the group leaders.

21/082018: Will start stoning Jamarat today with only seven stones and return to the camp & overnight in Mena. Footage on the way to Jamarat :

22/08/2018: Today our group will stone 3 Pillars X 7 stones and return to the camp & overnight in Mena.

23/08/2018 : After stoning 3 pillars x 7 stones it is time to go back to Makkah for Tawaf AL Efadah and overnight at Infinity hotel Makkah, short walking distance to Haram.

24/08/2018 – 26/08/2018

Free time in Makkah to enjoy praying the 5 prayers in Haram OR do more Umrahs..

26/08/2018 : Customers will leave their suitcases outside their rooms at midnight to be collected by our staff and transferred to Madinah.

27/08/2018: After breakfast, will start our journey to Madinah. Our hotel is Majlis Grand Mercure 5* and less than 2 min walk to Masjid Nabawi.

27/08/2018 – 31/08/2018 : Relaxing & enjoying praying at Masjid Nabawi. Madinah Zeyarat will be arranged as an optional according to request.


After Isha prayer it was time to say goodbye to Madinah and go to the airport for our departure flight. Queue for Zamzam water was horrendous but all Hajjs managed to buy their allowance alhamdulillah. During checking-in a lot of our customers found out that EGYPTAIR have upgraded their seats to Business class, Lucky Hajjs !!!

31/08/2018 : Safe return alhamdulillah to London as our plane landed in Heathrow half an hour earlier than scheduled.

Our feedback/review forms will be emailed/given out to customers and will be shared here as soon as possible in shaa ALLAH.